quotes1I couldn’t help thinking how focused these two young women appeared. They had obviously done their homework, found the right backup resources in our town and then pulled everything together – with military-like precision – into a full Saturday of activities and presentations… They were driven to a goal and achieved it.                                                       - Ted Barris, Canadian broadcaster, author and journalist (for the full article, click here)


Alisha and Natasha are the primary drivers of this volunteer run program, I wanted to tell you how impressed I have been with them over the past several seeks since they first contacted me to speak at the annual event. Without question their professionalism and poise are outstanding in how they organize and facilitate the program. But what impresses me the most is their strength of character and commitment – two young people who embraced a worthwhile cause and given of themselves to make this program a reality. It reassures me that we will be in good hands in the future.                                                                                                                        - Ron Martyn, owner of Silver Meridian

quotes1I think it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to seniors in Uxbridge. Oh, it’s wonderful. It’s a joy to come here.                                                                                         - Beryl, participant

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