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Our Vision

The first vision of Exploring Horizons is to engage senior citizens by holding sessions where seniors are given an opportunity to participate in physically engaging and mentally stimulating activities. In addition, relevant lectures by local professionals are presented to help answer their questions and/or concerns. 

As the nonprofit expanded, we encouraged youth volunteers to attend the sessions and the founders noticed the positive interaction between the seniors and the youth. Thus, the second vision of Exploring Horizons was born: to foster positive relationships between senior citizens and youth.


At only sixteen years old, twin sisters Alisha and Natasha were quite ambitious. They started their very own registered non-profit organization and no… this was not a school project, as many people might have thought!

The two of them accumulated over a thousand volunteer hours in high school and were looking for a way to give back to the community. After witnessing neglect of senior citizens at senior homes, they decided to start Exploring Horizons. They would like to thank all of their sponsors and the entire Uxbridge community for their ongoing support.



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